10 must-have accessories for men to make you look Mind-Blowing

accessories for men

Why accessories for Men are important?

It is a fact that most men find shopping a difficult task and get bored only after few minutes while shopping in stores. But wise men always invest his time in choosing proper accessories for him because accessories are what that sets you and your style apart from others.

So as a well-wisher of all men community here is the list of 10 must-have accessories for men to make you look Mind-Blowing. This list probably helps you in solving all your confusion regarding shopping so here is the list.

List of 10 must-have accessories for Men :

1   Watches

Spending on a watch can be the best investment that any man could make. A good looking watch can significantly enhance your appearance as well as be matched to the outfit you’re wearing and this is as mentioned probably the most common reason people wear a watch.

Women have plenty of accessories but the watch is, to a large extent considered to be the only real piece of jewelry that a man can wear without risking coming off as feminine. And watch not only act as a piece of accessories but it also reflects your personality. It adds a final touch up to your style and completes your look. That’s why watches are considered as must-have accessories for men.

2  Leather Wallet

10 must-have accessories for men to look more enticing.

Men generally don’t use too many accessories but the wallet is the one must-have accessories for men. Firstly it helps you to carry your money and cards and other essential stuffs like driving license in an organized manner and secondly it also gives you a more professional look.

It is one of the best accessories that can help to define your style and be part of your image. But the main question is how to buy a perfect wallet to satisfy all your needs.

How to buy a perfect wallet to satisfy all your needs?

  •  Analyze how many cards and how much cash you usually carry to determine your wallet size.
  • Choose the smallest wallet that will satisfy all your needs.
  • Choose Good quality leather wallets that last long and are also affordable.

3 Fragrance

You must have heard it that –  “ Men who choose their perfumes wisely shows that will be even more organized when it comes to buying something more valuable .“ so it can be concluded that a wise man should choose perfumes properly to look more appealing.

It is found that women find those men more appealing and memorable who wear perfume because every time a woman smells a scent, she instantly thinks of a person who wore it. Just like what happens when you put on nice clothes or shoes, wearing fragrance can simply make you look more attractive.

4 Derby shoes

Not must-have accessories for men but for any man they are damn useful. A pair of Derby shoes are the foremost item in the list of all essentials for men. Put simply, a solid pair of derbies can slot into near-enough any wardrobe. Try a derby with jeans for a laidback look with a little polish.

How to pair derby shoes with outfit ? 

  •  You can wear it with a suit, shirt, and tie.
  •  You can even choose a slim pair of Black Or dark Derby for a formal occasion
  • To wear Derby casually, choose a relaxed chunky and suede design. 

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5 Leather belt

A belt is one of the simplest leather accessories that anyone could have. But choosing a  proper leather belt according to your outfit is not as simple as it looks.

Like pants and jeans are available in different sizes in the same manner belt are available in different sizes. The bigger the belt’s buckle the more casual the style is. That’s why belts are considered as the must-have accessories for men from centuries because they also complement your uniform and outfits.

 How to choose a proper leather belt that compliments your outfit?

  •  Carefully analyze the size of the buckle the bigger the size of the belt’s buckle the more casual the style is.
  •  Leather should always match the leather. That rule is a  fundamental fact –

              * Brown leather shoes go with a brown leather belt

              * Black leather shoes go with a black leather belt

              * The glossy belt should be paired with highly polished shoes and matte shoes go with the Matte best.

6 White shirt

Why white? The psychological meaning of white is purity, innocence, and completion. The color white is cleanliness personified the ultimate in purity! , and the biggest reason is that white goes with almost every color.

Formal outfits gain attention only when the right color outfit is worn on the right occasion like business events or client meetings.   But the question is what goes well with a white shirt?

What goes well with a white shirt?

  •  It can be layered with any formal suits.
  • It goes well with denim jeans or a distressed pair of Denim.
  •  You can also match them with a cool jumper or blazer to complete the look.

7  Wite low top sneakers

Why white sneakers? The reason is you hardly find colors and clothes that cannot be paired with white shoes. When talking about white sneakers the first thing that anyone can come up with is trend or fashion.

White sneakers are the one that never goes out of style. If you keep white sneakers clean than it could be paired with any outfit. And it could be the best accessories for men in your wardrobe.

How to pair white sneakers with your outfits?

  •  Go basic with a solid white T-shirt, grey Denim, and pair it with white sneakers.
  •  Add a checked flannel over the above-mentioned look to make it even trendier.
  •  Pair it with denim shorts and a white shirt and the job is done.

8  A reliable trimming and shaving kit.

Beards are amazing when you know what to do with them. Here comes the role of trimming and shaving kit.  All the men should have this item in there must-have list.

There are some terrible styling mistakes that do the exact opposite and then your beard goes against you. So your beard requires a proper kit for shaving and trimming. If you are a grown-up and still using your dad’s shaving kit than it’s high time to add this item in your list of essential accessories for men right now.

5 essential items that every shaving kit should have

  •  Razor
  • Leathering agent or shaving cream.
  • Shaving brush 
  • Pre-shave oil
  • Aftershave lotion

9  Sunglasses

Dr. Levine says – “whether it’s summer, cloudy or Sunny you are always subject to ultraviolet exposure. So by the technical point of view, it is important but by styling point of you, it is the one must-have accessories for men. They enhance your look and make you look more enticing.

They are also cool because they cover up your eyes, which shields others from seeing where you look as well as hiding some facial expressions. They make you look more relaxed and less emotional. So from now onwards add this article in your must-have accessories for men list.

10  Backpack or a  Briefcase

Whether we are in school, college, or professional life,  we heavily rely on the backpack to gather things such as laptops, Water bottles, and little stationeries. they are really important because they help in accumulating all the necessary things.

Backpacks usually put less strain on your body than other kinds of bags due to the fact it does not put weight on one side of your body. It distributes weight evenly on your back. A proper backpack or a briefcase lets you look more enticing and professional. Choose your backpack and briefcase properly to suit and compliment your style.

CONCLUSION Are accessories for men’s really worth it ?

Accessories for men are as crucial as jewelry for women so the answer is ‘IT Really Worth It.’ It makes you look more attractive and also lets you stand out from others.

Wearing the right accessories on the right occasions is the one thing that each man should take care of. So be a wise man while choosing your accessories that compliment your look and try to keep it simple.

I hope this article would help you in finding the right accessories for men.

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