6 Basic Tips to do layering of clothes in summers?

layering of clothes

What does the layering of clothes mean?

The layering of clothes is an art. It basically describes a way of dressing many garments that are worn on top of each other. The layering of clothes can be done in both winters and summers to provide you a staggering yet comfortable look.

Fundamentals or basic rules for layering of clothes.

While layering of clothes in summers you have to follow some basic fundamentals. Layers are divided into two categories that are inner and outer layers. Choosing both the layers properly can provide you a hazel free and comfortable outfit. But if you are completely ignoring this fact than you might end up choosing a wrong outfit for you.

Apparels to wear as inner and outer layers :

  • Inner layer
    In summers for inner layer always choose the thinnest clothes like cotton or linen t-shirt or vest. Don’t go with a thick T-shirt. The inner layer basically absorbs all your sweat or moisture and gives you a chunky look.
  • Outer layer
    The outer layer should be a little bit thicker and for that, you can choose a cotton or linen shirt or denim jackets to compliment your looks. The outer layer should be in contrast to the inner layer to create a depth effect in your outfit.

6 quick Tips for layering of clothes :

1) Layering a checked flannel with vest or tshirts.

layering of clothes

Layering a checked flannel with vest or t-shirt is kinda urban or street fashion. If you are more into urban or street fashion than it would be the best option for you to layer a checked flannel with vests or t-shirts.

2) Layering floral shirts with t-shirts or vest

layering of clothes

Floral shirts are meant for summers and when you layer it with solid vest or t-shirt it makes you stand out from others in the most modish way. You should go for it at least once.

3) Layering a vest or tshirt with linen shirt.

layering of clothes

Linen is considered to be the lightest fabric material for clothing and when it is combined with the cotton inner layer like T-shirts than it gives you a trendier and comfortable look. Linen clothes should be the must-have clothing item in your wardrobe in summers.

4) Layering a denim jacket with vest or t-shirt.

layering of clothes

Denim jackets always catch the eyeballs. For the color of your denim jacket, choose between classy blue, edgy black, or contemporary grey or white. Partner a denim jacket with a t-shirt or vest and the job is done. Buying a denim jacket can be the best investment that you could ever make.

5) Layering a formal shirt with waist coat.

layering of clothes

You could even layer your shirt with a waistcoat and tie to look more professional and enticing. A well-tailored waistcoat is the one thing that any fashion enthusiast needs. Be careful while choosing the shirt that has to be worn underneath the coat and the job is done.

6) Layering a loose fitted t-shirt with longline vest.

layering of clothes

The longline is a term that denotes lengthy or loose fitted clothing items. Loose fitted or oversized t-shirt is very popular among youth who love urban or street fashion. And when the oversized t-shirt is layered with a long line vest it gives you a funky streetwear look.

Few Key tips for layering of clothes in summers :

  • Never choose too thick t-shirts or shirts when layering clothes in summers.
  • Make a contrast in color while layering the inner and outer layers.
  • Try to use half sleeve shirts or t-shirts for layering in summers.
  • You can add accessories like watch or wrist bands to enhance your look but don’t use too many accessories.
  • You can go for a hat to look even trendier.

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