How to dress well:10 Rules that you must follow To Dress well.

How to dress well: 10 Rules that you must follow :

Why do you need to dress well?

How to dress well: 10 Rules that you must follow :

Dressing up can boost your confidence level.

When you look good, you feel better. Suiting up for a big meeting or presentation helps you feel more confident and ready to take on the tasks that come your way. When you dress well, you know it and others know it; there is a bounce in your step and you know you look great.

“Don’t just wear any outfit, own it.”

How to dress well: 10 Rules that you must follow :

You should implement this quote in your real-life from now onwards. If you are wearing any outfit then wear it as you own it. Wear that outfit as it belongs to you or it’s meant for you.

If you’re choosing an outfit properly than it’s a sign that you’d be more careful if you’ll get a chance to choose any expensive or important thing in your life.

If you dress well then people perceive you differently. You’ll be treated as you want to be treated by others.

Now you know why you do need to dress well? So let’s jump to the main topic :

10 Rules that you must follow to
Dress well.

1) First, know your taste.

How to dress well: 10 Rules that you must follow :

Before jumping to any conclusion you should first analyze your taste regarding any particular style of clothing.

After analyzing the taste you have to make sure that a particular style suits you or not? Don’t feel shy to ask your friends or family members that how you look in that particular style or outfit. And if that style suits you then opt that style and start making efforts to make that style your own.

You have to pay attention and devote some time to thinking which particular style of clothing suits you the best and compliments your personality.

2) Buy less but quality clothes.

How to dress well: 10 Rules that you must follow :
Quality vs Quantity

” Quality is all that you need”

Your wardrobe doesn’t require tons of clothes instead you should buy some quality clothes. Quality is the one thing that you need to level up your style.
You have two choices either you can buy 3 cheap T-shirts with low-quality fabric or you can buy 1 quality t-shirt with good quality breathable fabric that is meant for summers.

The choice is totally yours but if being wise than you should go for the second option. Buy those clothes which not only looks good on you but are also comfortable and long-lasting.

3) Dress according to the occasion or an event.

How to dress well: 10 Rules that you must follow :
Casual wear and Semi-Formal wear

Dressing up according to the event says a lot about your personality. As much as you do not care about your overall appearance, it is still a good thing to try to dress appropriately for each occasion because it does wonders for your self-esteem.

Suppose you are on your first date: and you know the first date is all about leaving a good impression. So you just can’t simply put on formal attire and go on a date. Men should wear jeans and shirts with necessary accessories that would sum up their personality on their First date to leave a good impression.

“On your first date you have to look trendy as well as casual.”

4) Invest in watches.

How to dress well: 10 Rules that you must follow :
Titan Men’s Watch

Spending on a watch can be the best investment that any man could make. A good looking watch can significantly enhance your appearance as well as be matched to the outfit you’re wearing and this is as mentioned probably the most common reason people wear a watch.

5) A right pair of jeans.

How to dress well: 10 Rules that you must follow :
Men’s Skinny Jeans

Jeans make you feel sensual. Convenience, comfort, versatile, feel casual and relaxed, easy to maintenance, fun to wear, long-lasting, and a host of other similar benefits are provided by wearing jeans.

So if jeans are so great, why do some men wear jeans that make them look bad?

The answer is due to these 3 reasons

  • A lack of understanding of what jeans look good on their body.
  • A lack of suitable styles available when they make the selection.
  • Confusion about the styles detail such as weight, wash, and detailing.

So first get the answers of these 3 questions and then and only then buy a jeans.

Invest 5 minutes on this video and you will get all your answers regarding how to buy the right pair of jeans.

How to buy the right pair of jeans.

6) Spend money on Shoes.

How to dress well: 10 Rules that you must follow :
Formal shoes & Casual shoes

1. Click Here To Buy Formal shoes
2. Click Here To Buy Casual shoes

The choice is very simple for formal events go with Derby or Oxford shoes and for friends gathering go with casual sneakers.

How to pair Formal shoes?

  • You can wear it with a suit, a shirt, and a tie.
  • To wear Derby casually, choose a relaxed chunky and suede design.
  • You can even choose a slim pair of black or brown derby for a formal occasion.

How to pair sneakers with your outfit?

  • Go basic with a solid white t-shirt, grey Denim, and pair it with white sneakers.
  • Add a checked flannel over the above-mentioned look to make it even trendier.
  • Pair it with denim shorts and a white t-shirt and the job is is done.

7) Wear the right accessories.

How to dress well: 10 Rules that you must follow :
Men’s Accessories

Wearing the right accessories on the right occasion is the one thing that each man should take care of. So be a wise man while choosing your accessories that compliment your look and try to wear fewer accessories.

You must have heard it –

” Keep It Simple.”

It means you don’t need to wear too many accessories, you just need the right one’s.

8) Choose your perfume wisely.

How to dress well: 10 Rules that you must follow :
Men’s Perfume By Creed

” Men who choose their perfume wisely shows that they will be even more organized when it comes to buying something more valuable.”

It is found that women find those men more appealing and memorable who wear perfume because every time a woman smells a scent, she instantly thinks of a person who wore it. Just like what happens when you put on nice clothes or shoes, wearing fragrance can simply make you look more attractive.

But remember one thing always wear a Manly fragrance don’t ever buy those perfumes which are meant for women.

9) Don’t feel shy to do experiments with your outfits.

How to dress well: 10 Rules that you must follow :
Polo T-shirt paired with Checked Chinos & White low top Sneakers.

Don’t just stick to one particular clothing style. You are free to experiments with your style from time to time.

Sometimes change is all that we need. So change your style from time to time to match the current trend. Stay updated with the latest trends. Put all your efforts into knowing the best outfits out there from Google or YouTube or from anywhere. And I assure you people will accept that change in your style with wide-open arms.

10) Take care of your shoes, clothes and also your face and skin.

The last but not the least is that each of your accessories and clothes requires good care. Like Mercedes required good care of it in the same manner you have to take care of your shoes, clothes, and your body in the best way possible.

  • How to take care of your shoes?
How to dress well: 10 Rules that you must follow :
Know-How to Clean your Shoe?

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If you own some leather or suede shoes, you should maintain the material by polishing and shining them up now and then. Invest in a cleaning kit so you can keep them looking their best.

  • How to take care of your clothes?
How to dress well: 10 Rules that you must follow :
Know How to Clean your Clothes?

Always use soft detergent which is meant for a soft wash. Don’t wash your expensive clothes in machines or it will ruin your clothing fabric. Try to give them a gentle hand wash by using good quality detergent. And let dry up in natural sunlight. Never machine dry your delicate clothes.

  • How to take care of your skin.
How to dress well: 10 Rules that you must follow :
Skincare Routine
  1. Wash your face twice a day with mild face wash.
  2. Put some moisturizer right after washing your face.
  3. Don’t use too many chemical products on your skin.
  4. Use quality face cream that is meant for men’s hard skin.
  5. Try to buy chemical-free ayurvedic skincare products.

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