5 best summer outfits for men’s under ₹1500.

Summer outfit

Just because the weather is starting to get warm, doesn’t mean that you should look sloppy. You can stay cool all while looking cool this summer. Styling your outfit in winter is a lot easier as compared to styling your outfit in summers.

In summers you have to be very careful while choosing your summer outfits. Your summer outfits should be light so that you don’t sweat more and on the other hand it should be comfortable yet stylish.

But all that does not come at an affordable price. But here is a collection of summer outfits for your inspiration that is affordable yet stylish. Beat the heat, but look good doing it too!

Budget: The statement – “Great things come at great prices” appears to be wrong here because now great things can even come at affordable prices.

All these 5 summer outfits come at a really affordable price and under a budget of 1500 rupees (excluding the prices of sneakers and other accessories ).

List of 5 summer outfits for men’s under ₹1500.

1) White solid t-shirt paired with Black jeans.

Summer outfit
Image source Google – Lifestyle by PS

In the fashion world, the black and white colour goes hand in hand. White colour is meant for summers while black colour gives a contrasting feel to your outfit.

Pairing a white solid t-shirt with black jeans would be the best option for summers. And adding white sneakers is like the cherry on the cake. It is one of the simplest yet cool summer outfits that anyone could get at such an affordable price. So don’t think twice just go for it.

Buy from here –

Tshirt – 459 rupees

Jeans – 949 rupees

2) Blue ripped jeans paired with white t-shirt.

Summer outfit
Image source Google – Pinterest

Blue ripped jeans is that one item that you should have in your closet if you are a fashion enthusiast.

Ripped jeans if chosen wisely they can do miracles. Don’t ever hesitate to invest in ripped jeans. If you are styling your summer outfit than you should give this article the top priority.

You can pair it with a solid, printed, or even with a striped t-shirt. Buy it once and you won’t regret your decision for the rest of your life.

Buy from here –

Tshirt – 469 rupees

Jeans – 944 rupees

3) Shorts paired with a White solid tshirts.

Summer outfit
Image source Google – Lifestyle by PS

Shorts mean so much to men and can be used on numerous occasions without a second thought. From casual to smart look stay effortlessly stylish yet relaxed with shorts.

They are comfortable and well ventilated for summers. And if they are paired with a solid or a striped t-shirt than they are ready to steal the look.

You can even spend your whole day wearing shorts because of their comfort. It is definitely the best article for summer outfits for men.

Buy from here –

Tshirt – 469 rupees

Shorts – 500 rupees

4) Striped t-shirt paired with blue denim.

Summer outfit
Image source Google – Fanfreakz

Plain tees are the rhythm section of a great wardrobe, and sure, graphic tees get the hype and attention. But once summer rolls around, it’s stripped T-shirts that grab hold of the mic and steal the show.

It offers the perfect amount of personality to liven up a look with fewer layers, but unlike some graphic tees, it won’t make you look like you’re wearing someone’s college art project.

So just buy a pair of striped t-shirt and juice up your wardrobe. It is one of the important pillars of summer outfits for men.

Buy from here –

Tshirt – 420 rupees

Jeans – 875 rupees

5) A Polo t-shirt paired with Khaki chinos.

Summer outfit
Image source Google –  Lifestyle by PS

Chinos are without a doubt the most versatile pant a man can own. Because modern chino is slim fit available in a variety of colors and has great stretch fabric to move freely throughout the day with sharp style.

You can pair them up with a striped or plain shirt and Bam!! You are ready to roll up the floor. They can be worn on a formal as well as casual occasions so don’t think twice and go for it.

Pair your chinos with a Polo t-shirt and I assure you that you’ll be getting one of the best trendy summer outfits for men.

Buy from here –

Polo Tshirt – 494 rupees

Chinos – 699 rupees

Conclusion –

You don’t have to spend much to buy a cool outfit, just be wise and patient and try to explore all online stores and I assure you that you will get an outfit that is stylish yet affordable. It may be a time taking process but it totally worth it.

(Note: Price of the clothes may vary .)

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